Frequently asked questions

What is Gem water?

We used to think that the smallest particle was the atom, until it was split into protons, neutrons and electrons. It is now known that every matter is made up of vibrations or waves. Dense vibrations or energy is not only a fact, it can be felt. We’re all familiar with the expres-sion “You could cut the air with a knife”. Alternatively, when you’re feeling joyful, happy and in love, there is a sparkling energy around you and you feel light and frisky. This is energy, caused by low- or high-vibrations. Natural gems are made up of very high vibrations and will therefore restructure the water by raising the energy level in only 7-10 minutes. The quality of the water will change and almost reach the quality of natural spring water. The difference is very subtle to taste, it’s more like a change in the texture of the water. Drinking the gem water will not only be refreshing but magnify your intentions through your body. You just have to try it for yourself!

Is there proof that the gemstones change the properties of water?

There is no hard evidence that gems will have an effect on water or on the human body. It has been tested and scientists around the world has proclaimed various results. This is still not proof in any scientific way and we, Spirit of Phoenix Sweden, will never claim that our ‘Phoenix’ Crystal Infusion Bottle will grant any such results. However, There has been scientific tests done on gemwater bottles in the Masaru Emoto German office ( proving that gemwater, where the gemstones never is in contact with the water, changes the quality of tap water to the liking of natural spring water. Emoto has also studied the scientific evidence of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions. In his book “The Hidden Messages In Water”, which is a New York times Bestseller, he clearly proofs how negative vs positive energy changes the quality and structure of the water. Having said that… water is a powerful substance for our wellbeing! The human body consists of 57-60% water and there are plenty of positive benefits of vitalized/spring water: - It has a better cleaning and energizing effect of your body. - Helps your body to find balance and detoxicates - Activates your health and supports your physical well-being - Can improve the function of your immune system significantly - Enhances the resistance to parasites- Relieves the liver and kidneys - Improves the blood circulation - Helps overcome skin- and hair problems

How do the gemstones affect the water although they are not in contact with the liquid?

Many people think that crystal water or gemwater is made in a process that includes minerals dissolving in the water. This is not the case at all. The gemstones affect the water by subtle radiation. Just like sun rays, magnetic rays or microwaves, radiation waves pass through glass and it’s the same with the gemstones’ radiation.

Why not prepare the gemwater by placing the gemstones directly in the water?

While rose quartz and amethyst may be safe to put in water, there are other gemstones that will be permanently damaged by water and will also leach hazardous substances into the water. In history this is how people made gemwater, but now we know that there is no need for the gemstone to be in direct contact with the water in order to charge it. Now we recommend the safe and healthy way by using your ‘Phoenix’ Crystal Infusion Bottle where the crystals never touch the drinking water.

Are Crystal bottles safe?

When using your ‘Phoenix’ Crystal Infusion Bottle, you can use the provided gemstones or any other gemstone, as the crystals never touches the drinking water. As the gemstones are not in the drinking water it is safe to use any crystal, and you don’t need to be afraid that the stones are leaching toxins into the water. Just be mindful if you are using soft crystals that will corrode when they come in contact with water. Make sure the gem chamber is completely dry after washing before you add the gemstones, and that the bottom lid is closed before filling up your bottle with water/tea or coffee.

How long does it take to make gemwater?

We recommend that you let the gemstones charge the beverage for 7 – 10 minutes to get the full effect.

For how long does the gemstones emit their energy? How frequently do I have to cleanse and charge the stones?

There is no single truth to this. The natural gemstones provided with your ‘Phoenix’ Crystal Infusion Bottle have been created in the earth under pressure, high temperature and over time. They won’t stop emitting their energy or lose their energy in a human’s lifespan. However, what we do, and recommend is to cleanse the gemstones once a month. That way you know that your gems are vibrating at its highest vibration possible. If you’re using your crystals to manifest something specific, we recommend repeating the ‘Intention-mindfulness-exercise’ every week and also think about your intention while drinking your crystal elixir.

How do I clean my Phoenix Crystal infusion bottle?

We recommend washing by hand using lukewarm water and washing up liquid. The ‘Phoenix’ Crystal Infusion bottle is not dishwasher safe. The lids and the infuser should be washed by hand only. Remove the gemstones from the gem chamber before you clean the bottle. Dry the lids and make sure the rubber seal is in place. If it has gotten loose, push the groovy side down and the smooth side up, facing you. To remove lime scale and stains from tea or coffee from the strainer or glass, put baking soda on a cloth or old toothbrush and gently clean your infuser and/or glass bottle.

Is it BPA free?

Yes, the ‘Phoenix’ Crystal Infusion Bottle is 100% BPA-free and FDA approved.

My bottle is leaking/the lids come off without me doing anything. What shall I do?

Inside the lids there are silicone seals, one in each lid. If the seal is not completely in place or if it’s misplaced the vacuum insulation will not work. The groovy side shall be placed down and the smooth side up, facing you. It can happen that the seal will come loose, if this happens please push it down making sure that the smooth side is facing you and the groovy side is pushed down in the lid.

My bottle is stinking of chemicals! Is it dangerous and how can I remove the smell?

The smell comes from the silicone seals inside the lids. The reason for the smell is that they haven't aired out completely before being assembled in the bottle, and this is a defect. There is a simple solution to the problem if you have access to a dishwasher. Then simply remove the seals from inside the lids and wash them once in the dishwasher and the smell will disapear completely. The smell will also disapear if you leave them out to air for some time, but this will be too time consuming, and in that case we would like you to contact us directly so we can help you out with new seals. Although the seals are stinking if untreated they will not contaminate the water with any chemicals, but the water will not taste nice. And we don't recommend drinking water that doesn't taste nice!