Use Instructions

Insert the Crystals gently

The natural amethyst stones and rose quartz come in a separate drawstring bag placed outside the gift box. To safely and securely insert the Crystals in the gem-chamber open the bottom lid and TILT the bottle and PLACE the gemstones gently inside the chamber one by one. We recommend using the drawstring bag to carry the gemstones while on the go, and placing them in the bottle when you have reached your destination.


Leak Proof Seal

The seal may arrive loose. Or if you find you are experiencing leaking, please ensure the smooth side of the seal is facing yourself, and the side with the groves is pushed into the lid. If your seal falls out during use, place in fully, then apply a small amount of water and allow it to dry naturally. The silicone will absorb the water and expand into place.

Do you experience a strong smell from the lids? This is a defect, but can easily be fixed if you have a dishwasher. Then simply remove the seals and wash them once in the dishwasher and the smell will be gone. Airing the seals out also works, but requires some time. In the case you have received a bottle with these smelly seals and don't have access to a dishwasher, please contact us directly and we will help you out.

How to use the Tea Infuser & Strainer

When you receive your “Phoenix” Crystal Tea Infuser Bottle, the Tea Infuser & Strainer is locked together and placed inside the bottle. It may or may not be “clicked” into place. You lift the Infuser & Strainer up by pulling the handle that is folded to one side on top of the Strainer.

The Tea Infuser & Strainer is attached together. You open them by twisting them apart. When you have filled the Infuser with your favorite tea leaves or tea bag, twist the strainer securely on top and place the Infuser & Strainer in the bottle. Push down until you feel them click into place. Remove the Infuser & Strainer by pulling on the handle.