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Gem Water

Experts in different fields around the world agree that water can be restructured. Gemstones which are holding a high vibration will raise the energy level of water in only 7-10 minutes. But first, let’s talk about vibration. Vibration We used to think that the smallest particle was the atom, until it was split into protons, neutrons and electrons. It is now known that every matter is made up of vibrations or waves. Dense vibrations, or energy, can be felt. We’re all familiar with the expression “You could cut the air with a knife”. Alternatively, when you’re feeling joyful, happy and in love, there is a sparkling energy around you and you feel light and frisky. This is energy, caused by low- or high-vibrations. Natural gemstones are made up of very high vibrations. Water is highly receptive and will change in quality by the gemstones. The water will almost reach the quality of natural spring water. The difference is very subtle to taste, it’s more like a change in the texture of the water. You just have to try for yourself!

There is no hard evidence that gemstones will have an effect on water or on the human body. It has been tested and scientists around the world has proclaimed various results. This is still not proof in any scientific way and we, Spirit of Phoenix Sweden, will never claim that our ‘Phoenix’ Crystal Infusion Bottle will grant any such results. Having said that… this we know for sure, water is a powerful substance for our wellbeing! The human body consists of 57-60% water. There has been scientific tests done on gemwater bottles in the Masaru Emoto German office ( proving that gemwater, where the gemstones never is in contact with the water, changes the quality of tap water to the liking of natural spring water.

Many people think that crystal water or gemwater is made in a process that includes minerals dissolving in the water. This is not the case at all. The gemstones affect the water by subtle radiation. Just like sun rays, magnetic rays or microwaves, radiation waves pass through glass and it’s the same with the gemstones’ radiation.

While rose quartz and amethyst may be safe to put in water, there are other gemstones that will be permanently damaged by water and will also leach hazardous substances into the water. In history this is how people made gemwater, but now we know that there is no need for the gemstone to be in direct contact with the water in order to charge it. Now we recommend the safe and healthy way by using your ‘Phoenix’ Crystal Infusion Bottle where the crystals never touch the drinking water.