“Made in China”, I would argue that most people both here in Sweden and in the USA equate that to poor quality, or at least not top-notch. Am I right?

Maybe because there are a lot of bad quality products manufactured in China. Does that make Chinese factories sub-standard? I think not. I believe one of the driving factors is the possibility to produce smaller quantities in China compared to the USA and Sweden. This opens up for both legitimate start-ups like ours, and more questionable startups.

Historically when we think of high-end products they are almost always produced in the country of origin of the founder of the brand, may it be Italy, France, or the USA. However, if you look at the entire supply chain these days I bet most brands outsource some parts of their production, if not all of it!

China has both top-notch manufacturers and really poor quality manufacturers. It’s actually the brand that sets the standard of quality. Here you truly get what you pay for. If you want to make a quick buck and get a product on the market fast there's probably not much time spent on product samples or quality inspections.

Another big difference between Chinese manufacturers compared to the USA and Sweden-based factories is the MOQ (Minimum order quantity). It's much lower in China, which makes it easier for a small business to place an order, or for an irresponsible company to enter the market quickly. I believe that this is a significant factor in why new products with questionable quality are made in China.

“When we decided to manufacture to sell our bottle that is designed by me, the question of where to manufacture them was thought through thoroughly.

We live in Sweden and we have outstanding glass factories here. We also knew we wanted to sell our bottles through Amazon in the USA as the highest demand for crystal water bottles is in the United States. We, therefore, looked into producing our bottles in America where there are also great glass factories. After some time I had to see myself defeated as we didn’t have the money to place the kind of order quantities required.

Even if I could see that “made in the USA” automatically would give us credibility, the end customer would probably not buy due to the high sales price, and I deliberately wanted the Phoenix crystal water bottle to be accessible to all people who wanted to buy it, and not make it a money issue.”

-Tess co-founder Spirit of Phoenix

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