Warranty & Returns

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Did you receive a defective item or are you simply not satisfied with your Spirit of Phoenix purchase? Please fill in the contact form below with a description of the defect/reason for your return, a close-up photo, and your Amazon Order ID or Date of Purchase from our webshop. Our Customer Care Team will get back to you as soon as possible to guide you through the next steps.

If upon inspection, we determine that the product is defective, or you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or we fail to meet your expectations in any way we will give you a refund or replacement. Further instructions will be given by our Customer Care Team.

In case of damage after the 30-day-money-back-window has expired, please contact us directly and if we determine that the damage is caused by a manufacturing defect we will do all we can to make it right. We value all our customers and want every Spirit of Phoenix purchase to be a great experience!

Replacement policy

Return of a non-defected bottle. Please make sure the following conditions are met:

  • Repack the merchandise in its original packaging with the original packing slip and packing material.

  • Make sure the crystals are packed outside the bottle in its pouch inside the padded envelope.

  • The bottle is placed in the felt sleeve with the insert cards placed around and inside the bottle.

  • The bottle with the felt sleeve and cards go inside the pearl foam bag and placed inside the gift box.

  • The gift box goes inside the airbag and placed in the shipping box.

  • No later than 30 days from the actual date of purchase date.

Replacement/Exchange of a defective item:

  • Please provide pictures of broken parts when you contact Spirit of Phoenix Customer Care Team

  • A short description of the cause of the exchange.

  • Please provide your order ID, full name, and address, and date of purchase. 

Thanks for submitting!