Our Story


Knowing what you don’t want can lead to a beautiful unfolding of your destiny…

Spirit of Phoenix Sweden is a family owned business based out of Malmö Sweden. In the summer of 2017 life took an unexpected turn when Tess was diagnosed with breast cancer. The small tumor was successfully removed and after the operation followed a series of chemotherapy treatments and radiation treatments. 

It was during this year of treatments and recovery the couple had time to reflect over life. They realized that life was short and instead of just living life from day to day they turned their dream into a goal; To create something together, something that would last. Something beautiful, and something they would take great pride in. A year later Spirit of Phoenix Sweden was born and the launch of the “Phoenix” is a reality. The small company intend to continue creating luxury gifts that are thoughtful, environmentally friendly and beautiful. 


The “Phoenix” is our Flagship product. “I have always been fascinated by crystals and gemstones, but I have been unaware of their positive effect on water, until I started the research for our Crystal Water Bottle the “Phoenix”. We also set out to create a luxury item, something that would make a perfect gift, not just to people who knows about the benefits of gem water but anybody who would appreciate a beautiful luxury item.” -Tess Andrijevski

Believe it and you will achieve it

“We are so proud of the “Phoenix” and we wish it’ll spread hope, joy and blessings to everyone who purchase it or receive it as a gift. To everyone that reads this story of how the “Phoenix” came to life I want to add this… Everything that has ever been created was once a thought in someone’s mind. A goal is something you can achieve, a dream is something pleasant to think about. You have the power to turn your dream into a goal.

I believe in you!” – Tess Andrijevski

“Knowing what you want is the first step in getting it” – Louise Hart